Sunday, July 17, 2011

MSE membership

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How To Become a MSE Distibutor

MSE membership is  free!!

Just fill up the membership form and attach 1x1 photo and submit to the nearest
 MSE branch along with your birth certificate, photocopy of any valid i.d and other legal documents.

Invest in MSE caalog for only Php 60.00 only

Income opportunities

1. Discounted purchase. Every cash to cash purchase to any MSE branch has a basic discount of 27%, but if the purchase cost more than Php 3,000.00 it is already given a 40 % discount which in turn becomes the profit of the dealer.

Credit Line Application: When the dealer reaces an accumulated purchase of Php 10,000 in a calendar month, he/she becomes entitled for credit line application that lasts for 52 days.
A 60-day or 2-month credit line is granted to dealers reaching an accumulated purchase of Php 50,000.00.
A credit line allows a dealer to order items even if he/she is unable to pay on cash basis at the time of the release of items/orders.

2. Recruitment. A dealer can also earn through recruitment or referrals but only until the second down line. Though no monetary compensation is directly given upon a successful referral or recruitment, the recruiter can avail of a 2% share of the sales made by his/her recruit in one calendar month. However, if the recruit only sells less than Php 10,000.00 in a calendar year, no percentage is given to the recruiter

Visit the nearest MSE Branch near you: click here

For membership and orders pls. call ms. rone 09328483964